Addressing The Challenges of Estrogen

Addressing The Challenges of Estrogen

In order to properly address the health issues related to estrogen, you must use a comprehensive approach. Due to the complexity of the impact that estrogen has on both men’s and women’s bodies, products that are just “estrogen blockers” are incomplete both as it relates to overall health and maximizing the benefits of managing estrogen. In order to address all aspects of estrogen metabolism, we’ve launched a new formula called Estro Shield Px. It is a hypoallergenic medical food powder designed to completely support estrogen’s production, transport, metabolism, binding, detoxification, and excretion. Estro Shield Px can be used as a stand-alone product or combined with other, targeted estrogen formulas. Because of Estro Shield Px’s unique design, it can be used in both aggressive detoxification strategies like the Seven Day Cleanse as well as in more moderate, long-term programs where the dosage is just 1 to 2 servings per day.

So how do we go beyond just blocking to truly managing estrogen? One of the obvious goals of any estrogen management program is to reduce the body’s exposure to estrogen. While one way this can be accomplished is to minimize the amounts of xenoestrogens (those from our environment), it is also important to reduce our internal excess production of estrogen. This can be accomplished by blocking the affect of aromatase as well as reducing bodyfat levels. Another way the body can be protected from estrogen is to keep the estrogen transported in the blood bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). When estrogen is bound to SHBG, it’s not available to bind with cellular receptors and won’t have its estrogenic impact. We’ve found that flaxseed hulls are especially effective at increasing SHBG (as well as inhibiting aromatase). Estro Shield Px has the equivalent of about 1 tablespoon per serving. This is definitely a case where more is not better as studies have shown that exceeding 1 tablespoon per serving can end up binding free testosterone. This dosage allows you to use several servings per day without risk of binding up T.

Another way to reduce the effects of natural human estrogens and chemical xenoestrogens is to use plant or phytoestrogens (non-soy of course) which can inhibit the receptor binding. Phytoestrogens got their name because they are plant-based compounds that can bind to both alpha and beta estrogen receptors. What does this mean to us? Because these particular phytoestrogens only have about 1/1000th the impact of true estrogens, they act almost like receptor blockers, basically taking up the parking spot and preventing the estrogens from binding and exerting their estrogenic effect.

Since the body treats estrogen like a toxin, the liver’s role is also very important. Because the liver converts estrogen into numerous metabolites, Estro Shield Px provides nutrients that help create estrogen metabolites that are the least potent. Research has shown that what’s known as the 2-OH metabolite is both the safest and has the least estrogenic impact, but even the 2-OH pathway can convert into harmful quinones if not properly methylated in phase II liver detoxification. Estro Shield Px is a complete formula since it provides nutrients that encourage hydroxylation at the 2 carbon position as well as improving the methylation of both 2-OH and 4-OH estrogen metabolites. The end result is that the impact of estrogen on the body is greatly minimized.

So how complete is this formula? Most importantly, it can be used by both women and men. It can be used by women who are estrogen dominant or whose estrogen and progesterone are just out of balance. It has been shown to benefit women who suffer from PMS (and the men who “suffer”) as well as women enduring the symptoms of menopause. Also, if you are a man who often engages in the argument over whether to call it a “bro” or a “manssiere” this would be a perfect formula for you. Estro Shield Px contains powerful nutrients like turmeric rhizomes, flaxseed hulls and non-soy phytoestrogens from kudzu which all affect estrogen’s impact. It also has a complete vitamin and mineral profile including effective levels of B vitamins to support the methylation pathways. Estro Shield Px is specially formulated to be gluten-free and hypoallergenic including an augmented rice protein fortified with amino acids to make it a complete protein. By putting all these elements together into one formula, Estro Shield Px can be used as a stand-alone product to shift your hormonal makeup to your advantage. I recommend starting with this new formula for any estrogen management program and then adding on specific targeted formulas like DIM-Avail, Estro Clear and Estro Defense to further enhance and accelerate results.

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