Set Goals That Make You Excited

Set Goals That Make You Excited

A Few Tips For Goal Fulfillment

Do you ever feel like you’re setting the same goals over and over without making much progress? Instead of continuing with this goal setting hamster wheel, spend some time looking into your future.

Look at your past 12 months & imagine your next 12

Create a personal vision that gets you excited, inspired, and maybe even a little nervous. Ask yourself, “What does my life look like in a year? What does it look like in 5 years?”

Once you’ve spent time imagining your inspired life of the future, write down one or two things you need to do to get there. Maybe write down three if you really like to brainstorm, but don’t do too much so that you become bogged down with tasks on a checklist.

Create a roadmap

Go to that meaningful vision of yourself. If this requires a behavior change, such as starting to work out, changing your diet, spending more time with your kids, or doing volunteer work, write down the obstacles or conflicting needs that get in the way of achieving these goals.

For instance, if your goal is to work out after work, but you anticipate and dread the pain of the workout all day, it’s very unlikely you will follow through and make it to the gym. Now it’s time to problem solve, and find a way to trade the anticipation of pain for motivation to achieve physical goals.

You’ve also got to find a place where you can realistically do this. A lot of gyms are too busy at peak times to get a decent workout, and if you don’t know exactly what to do when you hit the weight floor, it can be just too much to overcome.

Consider other gyms in your area. Try a small studio or get a personal trainer, or change your workout time and train at lunch or before work. Again, you’ll have to think ahead, visualize obstacles to fulfillment, and problem solve.

If you feel discouraged, go back to that original meaningful vision. Get away from the checklist, and get in tune with what makes you enthusiastic. Go after it with passion. Just think that if you go after something that makes you feel alive, you will be all that much more inspired when you actually achieve it!


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