Top 25 Fat Loss Training Tips

Top 25 Fat Loss Training Tips

1. Train using the most “bang for your buck” multi-joint lifts such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls, and chin-ups.

2. Favor compound lifts over isolation,single-joint lifts such as bicep or leg curls unless you have unlimited training time.

3. Use very short rest periods (10 to 60 seconds) to trigger the greatest metabolic disturbance with a high lactate and growth hormone response.

4. Always count tempo. Vary the tempo of lifting phases and rest periods to provide new stimulus for the body to adapt.

5. To get lean fast, use a protocol with high volume, more than 3 sets, and 70 to 85 percent of your 1RM load.

6. Use a longer time under tension to burn more energy and increase post-exercise oxygen consumption—try a 4-second eccentric and 1-second concentric phase.

7. Train to create a robust hormone response. Increasing growth hormone is the priority because of its significant lipolytic (fat burning) effects.

8. Perform circuit training using upper/lower body or agonist/antagonist paired sets. Use moderately heavy loads with little rest between sets for maximal metabolic disturbance.

9. For gradual fat loss over a longer period, include strength cycles with heavier loads (up to 95 percent 1RM), slightly longer rest (2 to 3 minutes), and lots of sets.

10. Work harder. The ability to push oneself physically is a skill. If you’re not getting results, you may not be working hard enough.

11. Give priority to training the anaerobic energy system over the aerobic system in order to increase lean mass and elevate post-workout energy expenditure.

12. Do high-intensity sprint intervals for conditioning. Two examples are 60 cycle sprints of 8 seconds each, 12 seconds rest; or 6 all-out 30-second running sprints on a track, with 2 to 4 minutes rest.

13. Learn proper training technique. You’ll accelerate fat loss, gain more strength and muscle, and eliminate joint pain linked to faulty movement patters.

14. Get as insulin sensitive as possible. When you are insulin sensitive, you increase both the receptivity of the muscles to insulin and their demand for glucose, making fat loss easier.

15. Don’t take advice from people who aren’t lean. Fat loss is pretty simple IF you know what you’re doing and you use the BEST diet, training, and lifestyle practices.

16. Be as active as possible in daily life. Move more: Take brisk walks during the day, take the stairs, and include “active transportation” in which you walk, run, or cycle to go places you’d normally drive.

17. Focus on recovery. Lack of sleep, too much stress, and inadequate nutrition are primary pitfalls to successful fat loss.

18. Do a different type of conditioning: Modified strongman training with sled training, tire flips, log press, and farmer’s walk will elicit fat burning and increase your force output for greater strength.

19. Optimize balance of metabolic hormones, particularly testosterone, and cortisol. Higher resting T and balanced cortisol means you’ll get more out of workouts for greater fat loss.

20. Embrace sleep. It can boost athletic performance by as much as 10 percent, and it plays a principal role in insulin sensitivity and cortisol levels. Shoot for 8 to 10 hours a night.

21. Reduce your stress. It’s possible stress is the primary factor inhibiting your fat loss. It throws metabolic hormones out of whack, alters sleep, and triggers sugar cravings. Try meditation.

22. Drink coffee or take caffeine before workouts to increase fat burning and work capacity—research shows trainees self-select heavier loads when they take caffeine before training.

23. Drink a lot of water (at LEAST 3 liters a day) to stay hydrated and help the body optimize metabolism.

24. Get metabolically flexible so that your body is adapted to use fat for energy along with glucose. Do interval training and increase the proportion of your diet from fat and protein, while limiting carb intake.

25. Work harder. You’re more likely to get results if you work harder and smarter.


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