Orlando Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 Course

Orlando Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 Course

November 1-3, 2024
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Course Dates: November 1-3, 2024
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There may be no magic bullet when it comes to fat loss, but with the Poliquin® BioSignature Level 1 course, you can start to unlock successful, repeatable, and sustainable fat loss transformations for your clients.

The Poliquin® BioSignature Method was developed by world-renowned strength coach, the late Charles Poliquin after noticing trends and associations while working with athletes over 30 years.  Poliquin® BioSignature was established as a cutting-edge, research-based method that showed where people store their body fat and associations with a hormonal profile.  Based on the profile a combination of diet, exercise, supplement support and lifestyle modifications were used to effectively manage and reduce body fat.

Over the years, Poliquin® BioSignature has transformed to reflect current science and research while sticking to a core fat loss method.  This Level 1 course is just the beginning!  We will be going deeper into assessments, hormones and specific topics as we add certification levels and additional courses.

In the Poliquin® BioSignature Level 1 Course you will learn:

Comprehensive BioSignature Assessments: Begin to master our 12-site caliper body fat assessment and utilize client questionnaires to start getting a complete snapshot of your client.  Based on the client’s body fat storage patterns and the questionnaire, Level 1 focuses on 3 possible priorities: Cortisol, Insulin, or Inflammation. These Priorities are the biggest metabolic disruptors that have the largest cascade effect on our hormones and is the foundation of our BioSignature Education.

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Training Principles: Before getting into “the fix”, you will first begin to learn how hormones are affected by nutrition, lifestyle and training in ideal conditions.  This includes limited discussions on thyroid, sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen), growth hormone, and the hunger hormones (leptin, ghrelin, glucagon).  The most successful transformations are sustainable through nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Targeted Outcomes:  Understand how the dysregulation of cortisol and insulin, and chronic inflammation affect metabolic hormones preventing client’s from reaching their goals. Learn how to apply the nutrition, lifestyle, and training principles within each of the priorities to help manage dysregulation and optimize their transformation.

Data to Action: Develop the skills to start creating a client’s individualized plan, troubleshooting common plateaus and roadblocks


Online Sections
When online sections become available by September 30, you will gain access to select videos to help prepare you for the course. Upon registration you will get set up with an account at mypoliquin.comThe course will be added to your account, but you will not have access to the course materials until the online sections open up.

When You Come To Class
The focus of the in-person course is to teach the 12-site skinfold assessment, looking closely at the Priorities, creating individualized plans and working through case studies. We strongly suggest bringing John Bull/Harpenden Calipers.


This course requires course minimums and will be confirmed by September 12. We suggest not booking travel until this time.  Poliquin reserves the right to change course location, dates, hours, and topics at any time without notice.

By registering for this course, you agree to the Cancellation Policy.

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