All C Is Not Absorbed Equally…

All C Is Not Absorbed Equally…

What it’s for:

C Power (whether it’s the powder, or the tablets) is more than just vitamin C.

  1. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a very powerful antioxidant and immune booster.
  2. It’s also a key component in wound healing and the manufacture and repair of soft tissues like tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Vitamin C should be a staple in everyone’s supplement regimen, especially athletes—people that train hard create more free radicals and more micro-trauma to connective tissue so their needs are higher.

Why ours is different: Vitamin C is all the same, right? Wrong? Vitamin C is not just about milligrams, it’s about absorption and what it does once it’s absorbed.

  1. Ours has been shown to have 25% better immune cell uptake.
  2. In addition, regular vitamin C can actually lower your natural killer cell function for about 4 hours, but that doesn’t happen with ours.
  3. And believe it or not, regular ascorbic acid is acidic, with a pH of about 2. Even “buffered” C products are still around a pH of 4 (still acidic). Ours is formulated to have a neutral pH of about 7 and is gentle on the stomach. Regular vitamin C causes diarrhea as you dose higher, but with ours, you can safely dose much higher. Regular Vitamin C is good, but our UberC is great.


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