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Eat Protein For Breakfast For Fat Loss

Eat protein for breakfast for fat loss. Eating a high-protein breakfast reduces preoccupation with food and can lower your overall calorie intake. Research shows having high-quality protein first thing decreases feelings of hunger before lunch and increases satisfaction after eating. This combination makes protein for breakfast a key component of any diet aimed at fat loss.

High-Protein Breakfast Keeps Hunger In Check During The Day

A study from the UK found that participants who had eggs for breakfast were less hungry and had a lower desire to eat at lunch than those who ate a high carbohydrate breakfast of cornflakes or a croissant with orange juice. The participants who had the egg breakfast ate as much as 300 calories less over the whole day than the cereal and croissant groups.

This study highlights the misconception that carbs are ideal for breakfast because they provide “energy.” It's true that cornflakes and croissants provide energy in the sense that they give you a nice dose of quickly digested calories, but that doesn’t mean you will feel energized! Rather, these breakfasts will quickly raise blood sugar, producing high levels of insulin, which causes blood sugar to drop. This will leave you hungry and with less energy.

If you want to lose fat, eating protein for breakfast (and at every meal) is one of the smartest dietary habits you can adopt.

Fat loss tips to start having protein for breakfast include the following:
  • Try having eggs, fish, beef, or pork for breakfast paired with berries. All of these protein sources have shown to decrease hunger and increase satisfaction in a wide range of subjects including youth, lean adults, and diabetics.
  • Try the Poliquin Meat and Nuts Breakfast. Rotate the meat you eat for breakfast and try pairing it with nuts or cooked leafy green vegetables.
  • If you need a more traditional breakfast, get organic pork, chicken, turkey, or beef sausages with low-glycemic whole grain bread. For example, bread cooked with fenugreek or guar gum will raise blood sugar more slowly than conventional bread.
  • Follow up a high-protein breakfast by getting a nice dose of protein at lunch, dinner, and at all snacks for best weight loss results.
  • Eating protein has been shown boost brain function by providing a steady flow of glucose to the brain—an effect that will keep your energy levels steady and can help you avoid cravings throughout the day.


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