Ten Reasons Not To Fear Dietary Fat

Ten Reasons Not To Fear Dietary Fat

Even though most people are embracing dietary fat, there are still a large number of holdouts who are still fearful of too much fat. Whether it’s due to the unwavering fear of saturated fat in the medical community or the concern with fat’s high calorie content, dietary fat hasn’t gotten the love it should!

Here are ten reasons you don’t need to be scared of including a wide-range of healthy fats in your diet:

#1: Faster Metabolism

Certain fats, such as those found in fish oil and avocados, stimulate thermogenesis or the burning of calories in the body. These fats raise body temperature a significant amount. One study found that increasing dietary fish oil raised metabolic rate by a whopping 51 percent.

#2: Better Body Composition

It is a big mistake to go low-fat for fat loss because people often replace natural fats with high-carb foods. This tendency was exacerbated by the fact that food manufacturers followed the trend and replaced fat with sugar, leading to a huge increase in nutrient-poor food choices that are packed with calories, contributing to fat gain.

#3: More Muscle

Having more healthy fat in your diet improves balance of androgen hormones such as testosterone, while simultaneously reducing inflammation. Including adequate saturated fat in your diet is especially important because it provides cholesterol—the raw material the body uses to synthesize hormones. Including a reasonable dose of animal fat in the form of butter, meat, and coconut oil supplies the cholesterol needed for muscle repair.

#4: Stronger Bones

Fats provide bioavailable nutrients such as vitamin D, K2, calcium, and the omega-3s that collaborate in building bone. Eat a variety of saturated (eggs, meat, whole milk) and monounsaturated fat (avocado, olives) for best bone health.

#5: Better Reproductive Function

Dietary fat is critical for reproductive health in both men and women because it’s used to manufacture hormones and improves gene signaling that regulates hormone balance. For women, a low dietary fat intake is a common cause of infertility. For men, lack of healthy fat leads to lower testosterone—a hormone that is necessary for reproduction and a healthy libido.

#6: Happier Mood

Brain neurons are sheathed in an outside lipid layer made of fat. The type of fat dictates everything from healthy brain function to well being. Saturated fat and DHA from fish oil provide the raw materials for peak brain function.

#7: Lower Cancer Risk

Limiting processed fats (trans fats and vegetable oil like canola, corn, and soy) in favor of whole food fats (avocados, olives, butter, fish) can reduce tumor development and lower cancer risk.

#8: Stronger Immune System

Saturated fat contains the fatty acids lauric and myristic acid, which are anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Including healthy sources of saturated fat from organically raised animal products, coconut, and red palm oil can help kill dangerous pathogens and prevent infections.

#9: Better Skin & Eye Health

Dry skin and eyes are often caused by a deficiency in fatty acids. Dietary fat has a hydrating effect on skin and hair, improving your appearance for a better complexion. It also supports vision and may protect against sunburn and skin cancer.

#10: Lower Triglycerides For A Healthier Heart

Triglyceride levels, which are the amount of fat in your bloodstream, have been identified as a better predictor of heart disease than cholesterol. Interestingly, by replacing refined carbohydrates with healthy fat (fish, eggs nuts, seeds, avocado), it’s possible to lower triglycerides and reduce heart disease risk.


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