Two Great Mindful Strategies To Induce Deep Sleep

Two Great Mindful Strategies To Induce Deep Sleep

Getting deep, restful sleep is a top priority for peak physical performance. Great sleep also improves training recovery and supports overall health. Here are two proven mindful strategies to help you get better, deeper sleep.

Strategy #1: Fill out your Grateful Log before going to bed.

Reflecting on your day with a grateful log is a top priority for getting restful sleep. It is very simple. All you need is a diary and a pen. Make sure that both the diary and the ink you choose are pleasing to your ey

Write down a full page of things you are grateful for before going to bed. Your goal should be to write down at least ten things you are grateful for. Each sentence should begin with either “I am grateful for…” or “Thank you for…”

It is very calming for the mind and helps you look at the world in a positive light before falling asleep. It prevents the mind from racing all night, and enriches the quality of your sleep.

Furthermore, what you appreciate appreciates. For example, if you have financial worries and today you got a new client who gave you a down payment on training, say thank you for it and watch it multiply! When you are grateful for money coming in, more money comes in. If you focus on lack, more lack will manifest.

Strategy #2: Answer three key questions before you to go bed.

This strategy comes from the book Life 101. Here are the three questions to answer before going to bed:

What good did I do for other people today?

What good did other people do to me today?

What did I learn today?

The ritual nature of answering these questions daily allows you to reflect on the day and sleep much more soundly. After you have answered those three questions, your outlook on life is positive. Because like attracts like, more positive things may happen in your life because this daily ritual will transform your mental outlook for the better.


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