10,8,6 training system

Increase Strength & Muscle With The 10,8,6 Training System

It’s often difficult to determine the origins of a weight training system, and the 10,8,6 Training System is no exception.

In 1982, Vince Gironda published a book about a similar training system called 10,8,6,15. The program involves performing three sets of progressively heavier weights and lower reps followed by a lighter “pump” set with 15 reps. The major difference between Gironda’s program and the 10,8,6 Training System is that a fourth set is not performed.

One proponent of the 10,8,6 training system was Bob Perata, owner of Bob’s Athletic Club in Fremont, California. The most notable member of the gym was Ed Corney, who challenged Franco Columbu for the 1975 Mr. Olympic lightweight title. Corney appeared on the cover of Charles Gains’ book Pumping Iron as well as on the poster for the movie.

Train The 10,8,6 Method

The 10,8,6 Training System is based on your best result in an exercise for 6 reps (6RM).

Perform a light set (about 50 percent of your 6RM) for 10 reps.

Then do a medium set (about 75 percent of your 6RM) for 8 reps.

Finally, do as many reps as possible with a maximum weight (100 percent of 6RM) with a goal of at least 6 reps.

Great For Novices

The 10,8,6 Training System is designed for beginners, and as such three sets are enough to make excellent progress in increasing both strength and muscle mass. It is especially motivating for novices because the fewer reps on the second and third sets enable much heavier weights to be used. It gives you the illusion of getting stronger throughout the workout.

Sample 10,8,6 Workout

Here is a sample workout for a beginner using the 10,8,6 Training System that uses both station training and supersets:

A. Back Squat, 10,8,6, 4011, rest 240 seconds

B1. Barbell Military Press, 10,8,6, 3010, rest 120 seconds

B2. Bent-Over Dumbbell Row, 10,8,6, 3110, rest 120 seconds

C1. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press, 10,8,6, 3011, rest 120 seconds

C2. Lat Pulldown, 10,8,6, 3110, rest 120 seconds

D1. Triceps Pressdown, Rope, 10,8,6, 3010, rest 120 seconds

D2. Standing Barbell Curl, 3010, 10,8,6, rest 120 seconds

Final Words

The 10,8,6 Training System is not the single best workout program because such a program doesn’t exist. But most individuals will enjoy this simple approach to training and can make progress on it for quite some time. Sure, there are many other ways to train, but the 10,8,6 system is a good place to start!


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