Break The Rules! Eat More Fat For Peak Health & A Leaner Physique

Break The Rules! Eat More Fat For Peak Health & A Leaner Physique

A simple way to improve body composition and health is to adopt a high-fat, lower carb diet. You get to break the “rules” and indulge in delicious “off-limits” foods such as eggs, cheese, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and steak along with the accepted “healthy” fats like almonds, salmon, avocados, and olives.

Besides being the envy of all your friends who are stuck in the low-fat, calorie-counting mindset, eating plenty of healthy fats has a number of surprising benefits. This list will give you the rundown on the ten best reasons to include healthy fats in your diet.

#1: Better metabolic flexibility. One of the best things about high-fat, low-carb diets is that they require the body to be able to readily use fat for fuel instead of always running on sugar. Your body is easily able to switch between energy sources, which means you have a healthier metabolism and less diabetes risk.

#2: No need to eat every 2 hours. Having to eat every few hours can be a major time suck. A diet higher in fat is a boon for productivity because it improves blood sugar management and fat burning so that you can last longer between meals.

#3: Effortless fat loss. Dietary fat is delicious and filling—think almonds, chocolate, salmon, bacon. A higher fat diet that limits carbs improves your metabolism for better appetite control and higher levels of fat burning hormones.

#4: Greater lean muscle. A higher fat diet improves recovery hormones like testosterone and growth hormone, while simultaneously reducing inflammation. The result is greater gains from strength training. Men, this means you’ll have greater mass gains, and ladies, you get stronger and tighter curves.

#5: Elevate mood & boost brain function. Brain neurons are sheathed in an outside lipid layer made of fat. The type of fat dictates everything from cognition to well being. Saturated fat and DHA from fish oil provide the raw materials for peak brain function.

#6: Stronger bones & less osteoporosis. Fats provide bioavailable nutrients such as vitamin D, K2, calcium, and omega-3s that collaborate in building bone. Eat a variety of saturated (milk, eggs, meat) and monounsaturated fat (avocado, olive) for best bone health.

#7: Reduce cancer risk. Limiting processed fats (trans-fats and vegetable oil like canola, corn, and soy) in favor of whole food fats (avocados, olives, butter, meat) can reduce tumor development and lower cancer risk.

#8: Lower oxidative stress and less inflammation. Fat is a “cleaner” burning energy source than carbs. It generates fewer free radicals, which damage tissue, causing inflammation and illness.

#9: Fewer colds and sickness. The saturated fats found in butter, coconut oil, and red palm oil contain fatty acids that are anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, which can help you fight off pathogens and reduce infections.

#10:Enhance reproductive health. ”Good fat” allows for robust androgen hormone production, improving gene signaling involved in reproduction. The result is a stronger libido and better fertility.


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