Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose


Bujangasana is serpent pose … so in this posture, think of your spine as a serpent, long and flexible.

To come into the pose

Begin by lying face down on the floor. Extend the legs long and press the hips and tops of the feet into the floor. Place the hands on the floor under your shoulders and hug the elbows close to the ribs.

Next, imagine the legs sinking into the floor, as you press tops of feet, thighs and hips down. On an inhalation, lift the chest off the floor, going only as high as is comfortable for the lower back. To further strengthen the back, lift the hands off the floor and allow the muscles of the back body to do the work. Draw the crown of the head and balls of the feet away from one another, growing long. Stay soft in the face and jaw, across the chest. Try to avoid tightening through the glutes.

Hold the pose anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds, breathing easily. Release back to the floor with an exhalation and rest the head to one side.

Body Focus

All of the muscles of the back.

  • Strengthens the spine
  • Opens the chest and lungs
  • Firms the glutes
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Therapeutic for asthma
Take Note

If you have a back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, lift the hands off the floor and stay low. If pregnant, avoid this posture and all belly down back bends.


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