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Eat Protein For Breakfast To Decrease Cravings

Eat protein for breakfast to decrease food cravings. A protein-rich breakfast is vitally important if you’re trying to improve body composition, and it will set you up for superior brain function all day long.

One study took young students who routinely skipped breakfast and gave them a high-protein breakfast of whey pancakes. Compared to a group that ate a normal carb-filled breakfast, the high-protein group ate 130 fewer calories at lunch. Total calories were 300 fewer over the course of the day in the high-protein breakfast group. The high-protein breakfast eaters also reported fewer cravings for carbohydrates, such as bread, chips, and sweets. Appetite ratings were also lower.

Protein Sets Your Neurotransmitters Up For A Productive Day

The results also showed that cravings were almost non-existent in the group that ate protein for breakfast. This was due to a better hormonal profile that affects the chemical transmitters that send messages in the brain. By setting these transmitters up with protein-rich breakfast foods, dopamine and acetylcholine are elevated, which prevents obsessive thoughts and cravings. Protein-rich breakfasts are arousing and improve reaction time and motivation. In contrast, carb-rich breakfasts favor an increase in the brain transmitter serotonin, leading to a sedative effect.

It’s the amino acids in protein that do this. For instance, an amino acid called glutamine is particularly effective at decreasing sugar cravings and calming compulsive feelings. It’s used to treat alcoholism and also regulates blood sugar, which leads to less desire for carbohydrates. Studies have shown that supplementing with amino acids such as glutamine and alanine can lead to weight loss, presumably because subjects are less hungry, lowering their calorie intake.

Incorporate more protein into your breakfasts with the following tips:
  • Try the Poliquin Meat and Nuts Breakfast: Sliced grass-fed beef roast, salmon, or turkey burgers, paired with a handful of nuts are a great way to set you up for a productive day.
  • Ease into protein-based breakfast with your favorite egg dishes.
  • Try yogurt with berries and nuts.
  • Avoid cereal, bread, and other processed grains for breakfast.


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