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Eat Protein for Breakfast to Increase Productivity

Eat high-quality protein for breakfast to increase productivity throughout the day. Planning your meals around solid protein will improve energy levels and increase metabolic rate, making it your go-to breakfast for body composition too.

Research shows that the amino acids found in protein stimulate cells that keep us alert and burning calories. This makes protein first thing in the morning for breakfast key if you want to maximize your productivity.

On the other hand, glucose, which is what carbohydrates are turned into by the body after we eat them, blocks those same cells that keep us awake and energized. This is one reason why people often feel tired after eating foods that contain a lot of carbs.

Incorporate more protein into your breakfasts with the following tips:

  • Try the Poliquin Meat and Nuts Breakfast: Try sliced grass-fed beef roast, salmon, or turkey burgers paired with a handful of nuts.
  • Ease into a protein-based breakfast with eggs or your favorite blend of yogurt with nuts.
  • Avoid cereal, bread, and other processed grains for breakfast.
  • Feed your kids protein for breakfast too. One study found that students who ate a high-protein pancake breakfast reported they felt more full and satisfied for a longer period than student who skipped breakfast or ate traditional, carb-filled pancakes. They also freely chose to eat 130 fewer calories at lunch than the other two groups. Their hormonal profile indicated better appetite control and regulation of metabolism than the students who ate the regular pancakes as well.


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