Eat Strawberries for Better Insulin Health

Eat Strawberries for Better Insulin Health

Strawberries Counter Inflammation


Eat strawberries for better insulin health and less inflammation. Research shows that eating meals high in carbohydrates and fats increases oxidative stress that compromises insulin sensitivity. The high antioxidant content in strawberries can counteract this negative response.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition had overweight adults eat a high-carb, moderate-fat meal with either a placebo or strawberry beverage. Adding the strawberry drink to the meal resulted in a significantly lower insulin response, and subjects had fewer biomarkers that indicate inflammation, than just drinking a placebo.

Reasons for the better post-meal insulin sensitivity come from the high antioxidant content of strawberries in the form of vitamin C, glutathione, and anthocyanins—all potent antioxidants.

Greater insulin resistance typically exists when an individual has chronic inflammation, a state that commonly goes along with obesity or diabetes. High-antioxidant foods such as strawberries are a necessary addition to less than ideal diets that have high-carb and high-fat content, but they are also a beneficial addition to any diet for a better metabolism.

This study used 10 grams of freeze dried strawberry powder rather than fresh strawberries indicating that freeze dried powder and likely strawberry juice are viable alternatives to fresh strawberries if they are not seasonably available. Naturally, fresh organic strawberries are preferable because they will contain the greatest antioxidant content, but be cautious with conventional strawberries because they have been found to contain some of the highest pesticide levels of all fruits.

Other fruits that can be added to your diet to improve insulin sensitivity are blueberries, black and red raspberries, tart cherries, and bilberries.



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