Five Minute Meditation

Five Minute Meditation

Anyone can meditate, if only for five minutes. And the benefits can be enormous. Meditation has long been known to increase awareness, focus our thoughts, promote creativity, and foster clearer thinking. It’s also a proven method of decreasing stress and promoting relaxation. Meditation affects health as well, improving immune function and accelerating recovery from injury.

While meditation may seem mysterious and elusive, anyone can do it, if just for a few minutes.

Next time you find yourself at a red light, or with a few moments to spare before an appointment, try this easy exercise in meditation.

Soften your gaze to rest on a steady object or light. If the situation allows, close the eyes. Allow your attention to rest on your breath. Let both the inhale and the exhale begin to lengthen, without any strain or effort. Listen to the sound the breath makes, feel it as it travels through the nostrils, into the lungs. Imagine you can feel the breath travel throughout the body, all the way to the cellular level. When thoughts or frustration or impatience arise, acknowledge those thoughts, but don’t dwell or continue them. Gently place them to the side by bringing your attention back to your breath.

You’ve just meditated!

Even just five minutes of cleansing breaths, along with a mind clear of thoughts, can better prepare you for the challenges of the day. Try this technique anytime – at your desk, before bed, sitting in a waiting room. And soon you’ll begin to feel the lingering effects that a simple meditation practice can bring.


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