Get Lean By Substituting Green Vegetables for Grains

Get Lean By Substituting Green Vegetables for Grains

Get lean by substituting green vegetables for grains in your diet. Green vegetables provide a number of body composition benefits that you don’t get from eating carbohydrate-filled vegetables. Try substituting raw and cooked greens for all grains for a month to improve body composition—use large raw leaves instead of bread, and cook or steam greens instead of eating boiled grains.

Greens and grains contain similar quantities of fiber, but greens provide more water to make you feel full, fewer calories, a greater array of vitamins and minerals, and they produce a more moderate blood sugar response than grains. Here are unique benefits of the most popular greens:

  • Broccoli is a super fat loss food because it contains compounds that aid in the removal of waste products after intense exercise and helps detoxify excess estrogen.
  • Swiss and rainbow chard are deliciously sweet when steamed, and they provides rare antioxidants that fight cancer.
  • Dandelion contains detoxifying compounds, aids in digestion, and supplementation with dandelion has been shown to enhance hormones linked to muscle building and fat burning.
  • Kale and spinach both are high in antioxidants that fight cancer and help with detoxification.
  • Brussel sprouts and bok choy are nutrient rich and help detoxify estrogen.


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