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Take Glutamine To Prevent Food Cravings

Try glutamine to prevent food cravings and calm annoying, obsessive thoughts about food. Glutamine stops your desire for sugar that hits you when stressed.

How To Take Glutamine

The trick is to mix 1 to 2 grams of powdered glutamine in water anytime you feel a craving. It’s also a good supplement to take before meals. Here’s how it works.

Glutamine is a super amino acid that is provided in animal proteins including whey protein. It has a calming effect in the brain, while giving the immune system a boost. Glutamine is most useful if you are battling food cravings or simply eat better because the brain can use glutamine as an alternative source of energy.

How Glutatmine Works

Glutamine also improves the messages sent by the chemical transmitters to and from the brain, allowing you to avoid obsessive thoughts about food. Glutamine is used to treat alcoholism and drug abuse because it calms compulsive feelings.

One area of confusion is how glutamine differs from glutamate and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Glutamate, also known as glutamic acid, is used in the brain as an energizing neurotransmitter, but it can also be turned into the calming transmitter known as GABA.

Glutamine can’t be turned into MSG in the body and is considered safe and beneficial for health and body composition. Glutamine is popular with body builders and strength athletes because it enhances the immune system and aids in energy use. In fact, glutamine pairs with the amino acids cysteine and glycine to make glutathione, which regulates the immune system and helps you avoid everything from a cold to cancer. Many times when you take a natural immune booster such as vitamin C, it fights off illness by enhanceing glutathione in the body.

Final Words

When you experience a craving, it's because your brain wants sugar. Glutamine is an alternate source of energy available to the brain. You can open a capsule, put it under your tongue and the sugar craving will decrease within minutes. Or try 1 to 2 grams of glutamine mixed in water or other beverage to combat food cravings and get control of your diet.



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