Ten Best Tips For Losing Belly Fat

Ten Best Tips For Losing Belly Fat

You’re not alone if you have found it hard to lose belly fat. It’s the most stubborn fat to lose because it requires you to achieve a calorie deficit and balance your hormones. This article will give you the ten best tips for doing both for a slim waistline and better health.

#1:Eat High-Quality Protein At Every Meal

The most consistent indicator of leanness around the waist is a high-quality protein intake. Protein is so useful for belly fat loss because it reduces hunger, allowing you to eat less and create a calorie deficit. In addition, a high-protein intake preserves lean muscle mass so that you sustain metabolic rate. Choose animal protein, fish, dairy, eggs, or whey protein.

#2: Cut Unhealthy Carbs

Eliminating unhealthy refined carbs is key for belly fat loss because it restores insulin sensitivity. When you are insulin sensitive it means your cells bind readily with the hormone insulin in order to burn sugar (glucose) for energy. But, when you overload on carbs, too much insulin is released and your cells become resistant. This primes the body for fat storage. It just so happens that your body’s favorite place to deposit fat is around your organs in the abdominal area.

#3: Eat Veggies & Antioxidant-Rich Fruits

Fruits and vegetables make your cells more sensitive to insulin, while lowering your blood sugar response from higher carb foods. For example, if you add blueberries to oatmeal, the carbs in the oatmeal will be digested more slowly, leading to a smaller release of insulin, which means the body spends more time in fat burning mode.

#4:Avoid Caloric Beverages

Liquid calories go right to your waistline because they often contain large amounts of fructose, which can only be metabolized by the liver. When fructose overloads the liver, it deposits the energy as fat in the abdominal area. Another factor is that liquid calories don’t register in the brain in the same way as food, so they don’t satisfy hunger and we compensate by eating more.

#5: Don’t Be Afraid Of Dietary Fat

Dietary fat is delicious, filling, and provides bioavailable nutrition that the body needs for a cranking metabolism. Just be sure to eat a wide array of smart fats such as those found in fish, meat, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Avoid trans fats and other processed fats like they’re the plague.

#6:Train With Weights

Lifting weights does wonders for getting rid of belly fat for the following reasons: It builds muscle, raising your metabolic rate so you burn more calories daily. Plus, trained muscle automatically becomes more sensitive to insulin, improving your metabolic hormonal profile. Finally, you get the killer afterburn effect so that you burn more energy in the 24-hour recovery period.

#7:Do Sprints.

Sprint interval training in which you go hard for a short period and then take a brief rest before going hard again is one of the best methods for losing belly fat because it increases fat burning hormones and gives you a killer afterburn. Sprints also take less time than traditional cardio and most people find them less boring, for greater adherence.

#8:Don’t Obsess About Your Weight

A little known factor that can increase belly fat is anxiety about your body. Dislike of your body can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In response to high cortisol levels, the body likes to deposit fat around the organs because it’s an easy energy source during times of stress. Using these tips will help you make effective lifestyle changes so that you can feel good about your body and get lean around the middle.

#9:Get Enough Sleep & Improve Your Circadian Rhythm

Lack of sleep makes you hungry and alters insulin sensitivity and other fat burning hormones. It also causes elevations in cortisol that lead the body to gain belly fat. Improve your sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene. For example, adopt a regular bedtime and avoid electronics and other simulating activities in the hour before bed.

#10:Banish Bad Eating Habits

Randomly skipping meals, eating a high-carb diet, and relying on fast food are all habits that will prevent belly fat loss. Start with the healthy eating habits recommended above to kickstart belly fat loss without the misery of dieting.


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