Ten Easy Ways To Reduce Toxin Exposure In Your Body

Ten Easy Ways To Reduce Toxin Exposure In Your Body

You wouldn’t put up with a toxic person in your life, right? Eliminating chemical toxins from your body is just as important!

Toxins do a lot of harm, altering hormone levels and increasing cancer risk. For example, chemicals are implicated in obesity because they can increase fat cell growth and trigger food intake, leading to fat gain. Chemicals are also a threat to human fertility and healthy cognition.

Unfortunately, in the U.S., chemical regulation is practically non-existent. Good news is there are a number of simple ways you can limit your exposure to chemical toxins:

#1: Ditch You Plastic Water Bottle

BPA, the chemical most closely implicated in obesity, leaches into the water from the plastic. Get a reusable metal or glass bottle instead, and when you have to drink from a plastic bottle, remember that plastic is one-use only. Refilling a plastic water bottle, especially one that has been exposed to heat, is creating chemical soup!

#2: Scrub Your Produce

Pesticides are a major source of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Always scrub your produce and go organic whenever possible.

#3: Use Natural Cleaning Products

Chemical cleaners contain toxins and estrogen-mimicking compounds. Opt

for plant-based cleaners. Don’t trust it just because it says “green” on the label. Check ingredients.

#4: Don’t Take Receipts Unless Necessary

Almost half of paper receipts contain BPA and there’s evidence that cashiers have very high BPA levels.

#5: Use Cloth Bags When Shopping

If you forget your cloth bags, opt for paper if you can.

#6: Drink Plenty of Water (Make Sure It’s Safe)

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. Water is essential for elimination, but it will only be therapeutic if it’s uncontaminated. Consider getting a filter or test your water with a home test that can be bought online or at a hardware store. Simply buying a Britta water filter will go a long way to eliminating the most harmful toxins.

#7: Eat Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli, cauliflower, and the other cruciferous veggies provide a host of pro-elimination nutrients that enhance the body’s ability to neutralize and remove chemicals.

#8: Eat Healthy Fats

The omega-3 fats that are found in fish and grass-fed meat provide antioxidants that help neutralize damage from chemical exposure and promote safe elimination from the body.

#9: Eat “Detox” Foods: Fiber, Protein, Fruits & Veggies

Your body has a robust capacity to detoxify chemicals, but only if you supply it with the nutrients to do so. Most important is indigestible fiber (from vegetables and fruit), amino acids (from protein), and antioxidants (from phytonutrient-rich plats).

#10: Supplement: Curcumin, Limonene & Vitamin C

All of these supplements improve your body’s ability to eliminate hormone disruptors, and curcumin and limonene also protect the body against inflammation that builds up from a large toxic load.


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