Take L-Carnitine To Lose Weight & Improve Energy Levels

Take L-Carnitine To Lose Weight & Improve Energy Levels

Take L-carnitine to improve body fat and improve your energy level. L-carnitine is a super amino acid that is responsible for transporting fats into the mitochondria where they are burned for energy.

Naturally, a nutrient whose primary function in the body is to get fat where it needs to go so that you don’t store it is of great interest if you want to be lean. Only recently has research shown that supplementing with L-carnitine can improve training motivation, performance, and enhance recovery.

A groundbreaking study from the University of Nottingham had experienced triathletes take 2 g of L-carnitine twice a day with 80 g of carbohydrates for 6 months in conjunction with a training program. Note the long time period and fairly large dose.

Results showed the athletes had a 55 percent reduction in muscle glycogen use when exercising at a moderate speed, indicating that the higher carnitine level in the muscle allowed their bodies to use their fat stores for fuel. The burning of fat for energy produced a 35 percent longer time to exhaustion on a high-intensity exercise trial. They also had much less buildup of lactate, a limiting waste product produced when you exercise hard that inhibits performance.

Body composition wasn’t tested in this study, but it’s logical to assume that being able to train harder and burn fat for energy will help you build muscle and lose fat. In addition, we know from animal studies that carnitine can decrease oxidative stress, delay the aging process, improve muscle function, and decrease stubborn belly fat.

For body composition results with L-carnitine the following things are necessary:

  • L-carnitine must “load” into the muscle over time. This happens when insulin is present, so you must take it with carbohydrates, protein, or an insulogenic compound such as Alpha Lipoic Acid. Protein is preferred if body composition and motivation are the goal because it aids energy use in the brain, helping you to stay focused.
  • The “loading” process requires a fairly large dose of carnitine—the triathlete studies used 4 grams daily. Other studies have shown benefits from 2 to 4 grams a day, often taken in divided doses.
  • Finally, the “loading” process takes a while. You’ll immediately experience less oxidative stress, but that’s not something you’re going to notice in your everyday life. After 3 weeks, carnitine improves androgen receptor function for muscle development, and a little longer and you should start feeling more alert, energized, and begin to perform better.
Which Form of Carnitine To Take?

Carnitine tartrate is the most common form for improving exercise performance, but there is evidence that a blended form that contains acetyl-l-carnitine can be just as effective while supporting mood, cognition, and cardiovascular function. Adding a third form, propionyl l-carnitine, will improve blood flow, support cardiovascular health, and benefit gut health. We offer all three in our Carnitine Synergy, which also combines the thermogenic green tea extract with the brain support amino acid acetyl-l-tyrosine to help you take your training to the next level.



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