Try Inositol To Beat Stress & Get Better Sleep

Try Inositol To Beat Stress & Get Better Sleep

Do you find it impossible to catch a full night of restful sleep?

Maybe you’re tossing and turning, with your mind racing due to all the stress of the day. If so you’re not alone. For many people getting good sleep is an afterthought, with as much as 75 percent of Americans reporting problems with sleep.

The incredible thing is that solving sleep can have a huge impact on your life. Getting good sleep means you have a stronger immune system, better ability to handle stress, leaner body composition, less body fat, better mood, healthier metabolism, better brain function, and faster recovery from injury.

What You Eat Improves Sleep

Nutrition can have a huge impact on sleep quality and quantity. One nutrient that is known as “nature’s sleeping pill” is inositol, a carbohydrate that is considered part of the B vitamin family. Because neurons in the brain require inositol to function properly, it has many neurological effects, impacting mood, cognition, focus, and of course, sleep! Inositol is available in many foods, including citrus fruits and nuts, however, many people require extra for optimal sleep.

Inositol Calms The Mind For Better Sleep

Inositol supplementation can help calm anxiety and quiet mental chatter that keeps you up at night. Inositol activates the serotonin and orexin pathways in the brain that stop your mind from racing—think of it like sweeping up the floor of your brain to create order.

One recent study tested the effect of inositol on sleep in pregnant women. Sleep disturbances are common in expectant mothers, yet women often want to avoid the side effects of pharmaceutical sleeping aids. This randomized study gave pregnant women either 2 grams of inositol with 200 mcg of folic acid or a placebo of folic acid for 10 weeks. Results showed substantial improvements in sleep quality and duration (1).

Another study of adolescent boys who suffered from depression found that those with more depressive symptoms, such as anxiety and poor sleep, had lower levels of inositol in the brain. Scientists theorize that when brain cells are depleted of Inositol, neurotransmitters involved in relaxation are disrupted, impairing sleep (2).

Inositol Improves Mood & Other Brain Disorders

Supplementing with inositol can help with a wide range of mental health disorders, including panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, and depression. One review notes that inositol has the potential to be an alternative treatment for mental health conditions. It also seems to have fewer side effects than traditional medications (3).

Inositol Protects Metabolic Health & Eases PCOS

Another health benefit of inositol is in how it affects metabolic health and insulin sensitivity (4). One study of 80 women with metabolic syndrome found that supplementing with 2 grams of inositol twice a day reduced triglycerides by 34 percent and total cholesterol by 22 percent, as well as improving blood pressure and blood glucose. By the end of the study, 20 percent of the women taking inositol supplements no longer met the criteria for metabolic syndrome (5).

Because inositol can improve cell’s response to insulin and support hormone balance, it is a promising treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Healthy egg cells in the ovaries have higher levels of inositol. Research shows that in women with PCOS who are struggling with fertility, supplementation with 4 grams of inositol and 400 mcg of folic acid for three months improved ovulation in 61 percent, and resulted in pregnancy in 37 percent. The women also improved insulin sensitivity and body weight, which was thought to be a contributing factor to their ability to become pregnant (6).

How To Take It:

Inositol usually comes in powder form. Take it in water about 45 minutes before you want to go to bed. Good results have been reported with doses of 2 to 10 grams daily. Pairing it with magnesium may enhance the relaxation effect for better sleep.

Our Uber Inositol supplement combines magnesium glycinate with inositol to promote a sense of calm and better sleep.

For a more powerful formulation, Uber Inositol Plus combines magnesium and inositol with taurine, GABA, and L-theanine—three nutrients with a track-record for relieving stress and supporting healthy sleep.* GABA is a soothing neurotransmitter that decreases beta brain waves that are associated with hyperactivity. Taurine is an amino acid with antioxidant properties that eases anxiety and calms the brain. L-theanine is another amino acid found in green tea that relaxes the mind.

Final Words:

Whether you’re looking for a sleep aid to help you get the rest you desperately need or want a mental boost when the going gets tough, inositol can help achieve a well-balanced mental state.


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