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Try Whey Protein To Improve Body Composition

A Superior Protein for Getting Lean

Whey protein is a highly effective protein source for improving body composition. Supplementing a smart diet with whey may help improve muscle mass, suppress hunger, and burn body fat. It boosts the immune system and serves as a great recovery protein, helping ease muscle soreness. Whey protein also has many therapeutic health benefits.

Nutrition scientists present whey supplementation as a treatment for diabetes and obesity, but anybody wanting to improve body composition can benefit. Here are the key take away points from a literature review for helping you get lean NOW:

1) Eating more protein in general can help you lose fat.

Protein has a high thermogenic effect, which is the energy cost of digesting and metabolizing food. Protein causes the body to burn significantly more calories to metabolize than fat or carbs.

2) Whey protein has the highest thermic effect.

Of all the protein powders, whey protein is superior for fat loss because it has the highest thermic effect, greater than casein, soy, rice, or pea protein. This is likely because whey contains more of the amino acid leucine that allows whey to enhance protein synthesis two times more than casein.

3) Whey protein improves insulin health.

Supplementing with whey protein can improve insulin sensitivity, which will support body composition. Milk proteins like whey increase insulin secretion, but lead to lower blood glucose. The result is better insulin sensitivity and greater protein synthesis. For example, a 12-week study of overweight adults with pre-diabetes showed that taking 54 g/whey protein/day led to reduced fasting insulin by 11 percent and improved insulin sensitivity by 10 percent.

4) Whey protein has a superior appetite-suppressing effect.

Whey protein dulls appetite better than casein, soy, or egg albumin protein. The greater leucine concentration of whey protein not only activates muscle building pathways, but those same pathways signal the brain to release transmitters that blunt hunger and maintain satiety longer term. The insulin secretion related to whey may also suppress appetite, but only if whey is taken in the absence of carbs, or with carbs that produce a very low-glycemic response.

5) Whey protein maximizes muscle mass.

With its superior amino acid profile and high leucine content, whey protein maximizes muscle building. Studies show as much as 26 percent greater muscle development due to whey supplementation in conjunction with weight training than soy, casein, or carbohydrates.

Final Words

If your goal is fat loss and improved metabolic health, use whey protein once a day after your workout. Benefits include enhances muscle building, speedier recovery, less hunger, and greater energy burn.



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