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Use Fish Oil To Increase Quickness & Reaction Time

To increase your reaction time, take fish oil. The health benefits of fish oil are well known: It accelerates recovery, reduces inflammation, and protects the brain. Now, research from the University of Valencia in Spain shows that supplementing with fish oil can significantly improve quickness.

Quicken Reaction Time When Fatigue Sets In

Fatigue leads to a drop in reaction time. When you're tired, the message from the brain to the muscles is less efficient and quickness decreases. Fish oil can quicken your reaction time and sustain your neuromotor skills when fatigue sets in.

This study tested the effect of 3.5 g a day of DHA fish oil with a placebo of olive oil in elite female soccer players. After four weeks, results found that the players taking fish oil improved their accuracy and reaction time. Not only did the athletes have a quicker first step, but the performance improvements were seen on elite athletes that already had good perceptual motor performance. These athletes are probably near their genetic potential in regards to skill and physiological training.

For novice or recreational athletes, improvements may be more significant. Researchers theorize that the DHA in the fish oil improved cortical attention networks in the brain. Fish oil improves the brain's message to the muscles.

The benefits of fish oil don’t stop with improved quickness. Fish oil supports a lean body composition and metabolism. It is also linked with better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. It boosts mood and can help treat depression.

When you combine these advantages with increased reaction time, fish oil can go a long way toward keeping you fit. Whether you are a novice or elite athlete, you can’t go wrong supplementing with fish oil to ensure a faster execution on the court or playing field!



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