Use German Body Comp Training For Fat Loss

Use German Body Comp Training For Fat Loss

If you are in the market for fat loss, use the German Body Composition Training program. Developed by Charles Poliquin, German Body Comp training is hands down one the most effective methods for fat loss without compromising muscle. The name comes from research done by Hala Rambie, a Romanian exercise scientist who worked in Germany.

What Is German Body Comp Training?

German Body Comp uses weight training exercises with short rest intervals to burn fat while simultaneously building muscle. This style of training is great for fat loss because it taxes the metabolic pathways in the body and leads to an increase in growth hormone, the ultimate fat burning hormone.

German Body Comp workouts for fat loss use multi-joint exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, presses, rows, etc. Volume is fairly high with moderately heavy weights that you can lift for 8 to 15 reps, depending on exactly what phase of the training program you are in. Rest intervals are less than 60 seconds, often clocking in at just enough time to switch exercises.

How Is German Body Comp Training Superior For Fat Loss?

The key to using weight training for fat loss is to increase the release of growth hormone, a biochemical produced naturally in the body that helps regulate body fat. Research shows that when blood lactate levels increase in response to metabolically taxing workouts, blood pH increases. Elevated blood pH is what causes the burning sensation in the muscles when you are training hard. This sends a message to the brain to accelerate production of growth hormone, which helps the body burn fat.

In addition, German Body Comp training is unique from your average cardio workout because it preserves muscle mass. Your typical aerobic cardio workout leads to the loss of muscle and a subsequent drop in metabolic rate. This pitfall sets you up for rebound weight gain—a phenomenon that plagues more than 90 percent of dieters.

In contrast, German Body Comp preserves muscle mass while eliciting a large afterburn so that your body burns calories at an accelerated rate during the 24 hour recovery period after training. For example, one study that tested a GBC-style workout with short rest intervals found that energy expenditure was 33 percent higher compared to a traditional training program that used longer rest intervals. A second study confirmed the effect: Participants burned an extra 452 calories over baseline in the 22 hours after their workout. This was 350 extra calories burned compared to a group that did traditional weight training that used longer rest periods.

Pros of German Body Comp Training

There are several other reasons German Body Comp training is superior for fat loss:

It’s not boring.

If you’ve always hated exercise, you may not love German Body Comp, but you won’t be bored! The variety and dynamics of weight training, along with the challenge to continually break strength plateaus is motivating.

Helps you overcome structural imbalances.

Unlike aerobic cardio, such as running, weight training strengthens weak muscles, helping you overcome imbalances that lead to pain and injury. Weights are ideal for overweight individuals because you avoid the pounding of repetitive cardio while correcting orthopedic problems associated with training.

It restores insulin sensitivity.

Due to a combination of high-calorie diets and lack of physical activity insulin resistance and diabetes are increasingly common. Weight training automatically sensitizes muscle to insulin, helping to restore metabolic health and avoid inflammation that leads to disease.

Optimize Nutrition For Best Fat Loss Results With German Body Comp

Although it’s possible to lose body fat without paying much attention to nutrition, your results will be astronomically better with proper nutrition. We cover the details of how to design your nutrition plan in this article but here’s the short version:

Plan every meal around high quality protein, such as meat, eggs, dairy, or seafood.

Eat fibrous vegetables at every meal: Leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers, celery, etc., should make up more than half of your plate.

Include healthy fats at every meal. Nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, and dairy are all good sources of fat that help manage hunger.

Avoid liquid calories, including juice, sports drinks, and sweetened tea/coffee.

Eat the rainbow, getting plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Avoid processed foods (cookies, crackers, chips, bread, pasta, etc.) in favor of healthy carbs, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, and boiled grains.

Try a low-carb boot camp to kick-start your diet and drop significant fat in a short period of time.

Get Started With German Body Comp Training For Fat Loss

Here is a GBC workout aimed at someone with a few years of training background who wants to lose body fat. Ideally, you should train 4 days a week, doing each workout twice a week. For the number of sets, start with the lower number in the range and increase to the higher number after a couple of weeks. As you get more conditioned, you can also shorten the rest periods, first to 45 seconds and then to 30 seconds.

Beginners can check out this workout that is designed for novices. Advanced trainees should try this tri-set German Body Comp workout.

Day 1

Order Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A1 Back Squat 8-10 3-4 4011 60 s
A2 Lat Pulldown 12-15 3-4 3110 60 s
B1 Front-Foot Elevated Split Squat 8-10 3-4 4020 60 s
B2 Bench Press 8-10 3-4 4010 60 s
C1 Reverse Sit-Up on Incline 12-15 3-4 3110 60 s
C2 Biceps Curl 10-12 3-4 3010 60 s
D1 Calf Raise Standing 15-20 3-4 2110 60 s
D2 Lying Triceps Extension 12-15 3-4 3010 60s

Day 2

Order Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A1 Romanian Deadlift 8-10 3-4 3010 60 s
A2 Single Arm Bent Over Row 10-12 3-4 3110 60 s
B1 Dumbbell Squat 12-15 3-4 3010 60 s
B2 Incline Bench Press 10-12 3-4 4010 60 s
C1 Back Extension 12-15 3-4 4110 60 s
C2 Overhead Press 10-12 3-4 3010 60 s
D1 Calf Raise Seated 15-20 3-4 2110 60 s
D2 Lateral Raise 12-15 3-4 3110 60s

Final Words

German Body Comp training is a surefire way to kickstart fat loss. By combining these workouts with a smart nutrition plan you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.


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