Poliquin® Fat Loss E-Guide

Poliquin® Fat Loss E-Guide

16-Week Fat Loss Program
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Are you ready to take a new step in your fitness journey? Look no further than the Poliquin® Fat Loss E-Guide, your blueprint to achieving the body you've always desired. In just 16 weeks, this comprehensive guide will revolutionize the way you approach fat loss, combining nutrition tips, workout nutrition, and the science-backed training parameters of the Poliquin® Method.

Key Features:

  1. Downloadable PDF Guide: Dive into the world of effective fat loss strategies with our detailed 14-page booklet. Packed with expert advice and actionable tips, it serves as your go-to resource throughout your transformation journey.

  2. Optimal Training, Nutrition, and Supplement Tips: Experience the Poliquin® difference with our proven training, nutrition, and supplement recommendations. Discover how these elements work together to amplify your fat loss efforts and achieve results like never before.

  3. Four Full Body Training Phases: Our specifically designed training program takes you through four progressive phases, each targeting fat loss through different approaches. From German Body Comp to Compound Sets and the 6-12-25 System, you'll challenge your body for maximum impact.

  4. Downloadable PDF Workout: Seamlessly follow your training routine with our easy-to-reference PDF. 

  5. Exclusive Access to Supplement Savings: Elevate your performance and recovery with our curated supplement bundles. As a Poliquin® Fat Loss Guide user, you'll gain exclusive access to special savings on premium supplements that complement your transformation process.

The Poliquin® Fat Loss E-Guide empowers you to break through barriers, optimize your body transformation potential.


    Before starting any training, nutrition, and/or supplement plan, consult with your healthcare practitioner.  Specific results may vary and are not guaranteed.  

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