Mastery Series:  Utilizing Tempo As A Training Tool

Mastery Series: Utilizing Tempo As A Training Tool

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Are you truly optimizing your training stimulus? With this Tempo course, you'll delve into some science and strategy behind tempo training. Understand what tempo is and why it's a game-changer in your programs matter if you are coaching clients or want to take your own results to the next level.

Course Outcomes
Our course is designed to teach you the foundations of tempo that will elevate your training by the time you complete the course. By enrolling, you'll:

Understand Tempo: Gain insights into the essence of tempo and its pivotal role in effective training.

Begin Using Tempo Effectively: Learn practical applications of tempo prescriptions tailored to your goals and exercise types.

Drive Results: Discover how tempo manipulation can precisely target and enhance specific strength qualities, accelerating your progress.

Understand Special Cases: Uncover the versatility of tempo beyond strength training, including its application in rehabilitation and flexibility programs.

Calculate Time Under Tension: Master the art of calculating time under tension, a crucial aspect of optimizing your workout efficacy.


Poliquin Performance Mastery Series
Tempo is the our first course as part of the Mastery Series which is crafted to hone your foundational training principles, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Build a solid foundation and ascend to greater heights with each subsequent course in the Poliquin Education journey.


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