Fundamentals of Designing a Relative Strength Programs

Fundamentals of Designing a Relative Strength Programs

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Unlock your true strength and revolutionize your training with our expertly crafted course on Relative Strength. Understand the muscular and nervous systems, and learn how to effectively override your body's protective mechanisms to unleash your full potential.

Our course delivers the latest exercise science research, coupled with practical methods for implementing these cutting-edge techniques with your clients and athletes.

Empower yourself with invaluable insights into:

  • Common mistakes in Relative Strength training
  • 6 powerful Relative Strength techniques for program optimization
  • Tailored training splits for Relative Strength
  • 8 phases of Sample Upper & Lower Body Workouts

Enrich your learning experience with exclusive access to:

  • 27-minute online video presentation
  • PDF course notes
  • 10-question multiple-choice exam

To receive your certificate of completion, you'll need to score 90% or above on the multiple-choice exam.

Don't wait – elevate your training to new heights and discover the power of Relative Strength. Enroll now and transform your approach to strength and fitness!


Online Education is non-refundable.

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